Sun City is a full service mechanical services contractor. We have dedicated inhouse design, drafting and project management services. We enjoy solving problems and pride ourselves on the ‘elegance’ of our installations and solutions.

We have the skills and experience to handle domestic and all commercial environments. We can handle even the largest of projects and commercial sites.

  • Servicing

    Periodic servicing of your systems maintains effectiveness, efficiency and hygiene.

  • Breakdown

    Most of today’s built environments rely on air conditioning – so when the air conditioning stops everything gets unpleasant very quickly. We will be there quickly to fix anything we can on the spot, deploy temporary air conditioning If necessary and repair as fast as possible.

  • Repairs

    We know you need to get value out of every $ spent. That’s why, wherever possible we will give you an option to repair and / or replace.

  • Design

    It all starts with a well thought out well suited design. The wrong unit, deployed in the wrong manner – will never operate efficiently or effectively.

  • Trouble Shooting

    Have you had persistent problems with your air conditioning? We pride ourselves on our ability to resolve problems that may have persisisted for some time.

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